CompactFlash ATA-IDE cartridge + adaptor
CompactFlash ATA-IDE cartridge CompactFlash adaptor
CompactFlash ATA-IDE cartidge


• No large harddisks or bulky power supplies needed!!
• CF memory cards are robust; no moving parts inside!!
• Supports both type I and type II CF devices
• Reads the photographs from you digital CF camera


  • Compact Flash card type I:
    64MB Compact Flash card used as slave harddisk. CF memory cards are available from 8MB up to 1GB
  • Compact Flash card type II:
    340MB Microdrive used as master harddisk Microdrives are available from 340MB up to 1GB

  • You can use adapters to connect other memory devices to the CF interface, like SD card, MMC card and the Sony Memory Stick.

Latest news : Also XD-Pictureadapter

Can be used on PC as well as add-on for the IDE Combi and normal interface Convertion adaptors for SD-Cards, Memorystick, MMC cards, Smartmedia cards and XD-Picturecards

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